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Chronic Sinus Pain

Balloon Sinuplasty Can Provide Relief from Painful Sinusitis Symptoms

Swelling. Blocked Drainage. Stagnation.

Do You Suffer from Chronic Sinusitis?

When you have healthy sinuses, mucus drains out and air is able to circulate properly, allowing you to breathe comfortably. Sinusitis occurs when the sinuses swell, causing blockages that prevent mucous from draining. This can lead to bacteria, viruses, and fungus growth inside the sinuses, which causes painful infection.

Know the Signs of Sinus Infection

There are three types of sinusitis which patients may be suffering from: acute, chronic or recurrent acute.

Acute sinusitis symptoms persist for 10 to 12 days, and resolve in four weeks or less.

When symptoms occur for longer than 3 months, this is known as chronic sinusitis. Symptoms of chronic sinusitis include persistent nasal discharge that is often green or yellow, fever, coughing which may worsen at night, waking up with puffy eyes, and bad breath.

Four or more episodes or outbreaks in a single year indicates recurrent acute sinusitis. Sufferers will experience a cycle of periods of relief, followed by another outbreak.

3 Types of Sinusitis are Chronic, Acute, and Recurrent Acute.

Sinusitis Symptoms Include:

  • Bad breath or loss of smell
  • A persistent cough
  • Congestion and nasal discharge
  • Headache and facial pain
  • Fatigue
  • Sore throat
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"My quality of life has drastically improved!"

If you would ask my husband, he would also share that same sentiment. He says he enjoys waking up in the middle of the night now just to watch me breathe because I'm breathing peacefully, and I'm sleeping. I'm not waking up many times during the night, or not waking him up many times during the night, with my inability to breathe. I would definitely recommend this procedure to anyone who's suffering with chronic sinus issues and allergies. It's life changing. It made a big difference in my life.

- Karen, wife and mother

"Symptoms that I felt prior to the procedure - sinus congestion and drainage, pressure, headaches, and night time coughing - that was gone for the first time since I can remember."

I felt better from day one. When I play on the floor with the grandkids, I don't get dizzy. Dizziness was something that was bothering me prior to the procedure, and it was kind of funny. I didn't really realize it was related to the sinuses until afterwards when the dizziness went away. Without question I wholeheartedly recommend this. For the minor inconvenience of having the procedure done, have a major step up in lifestyle quality.

- Vernon, grandfather

“I decided to have the balloon dilation because I just finally thought, 'Enough!' ”

The steroids make me have insomnia and just not feel very good in general. The antibiotics gastrointestinal side effects. The decongestants make me feel jittery. The antihistamines would make me very drowsy. Always the side effects. I decided to have the balloon dilation because I just finally thought, "Enough!" Following the procedure, I returned to normal activities in less than 24 hours. I was able to sleep so much better than prior to the procedure. I remember waking up with a refreshed feeling, going about my morning activities and feeling like I actually had energy. You really take for granted the ability to just breathe through your nose easily.

- Cynthia, life-long-sinus sufferer

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